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Its quite rare for me to write about a doujin. I knew that I talk about OMK before, and for some reason I feel like doing the same thing for this one chapter manga. 

The basic story goes; guy admire a girl, guy sees the most popular girl in class doing prostitution, guy and 2nd girl starts to talk and know each other more, 2nd confessed to the guy, guy hesitated,2nd disappeared, guy left with the number of the first girl. Few years later, he still remembers that encounter, even though now happily married.

Themes of "2nd hand goods", extreme circumstances, lost opportunities, and love, are explored within this 30pg manga. The final message of "i lost the last one, so I have to be strong and treasure this one" is quite stronger than the one in OMK. The moral ambiguity of choosing between pure and broken, especially when you realize the social stigma she bears in her, yet still found yourself hesitating, is gut-wrenching. Though not as heart breaking as in OMK, you feel like you missed your chance to truly save someone. The final imagery of snow is really fitting; their final destination is always to be melted. She, who is crystal white at that moment, feels just like a fragile snowflake.

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