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Passage taken from 4chan (?)   (◕‿‿◕)

I've already posted it in the previous thread but i've found some things since . 
"Orion was the son of the sea-god Poseidon" - the reason for Sayaka's fish form .
 "Odysseus sees him hunting in the underworld with a bronze club" - first time we've seen Sayaka in a barrier(underworld) , she carried a golden(bronze) bat .
"he hunted with the goddess Artemis and her mother Leto"- she hunted with Mami and Madoka . 
"threatened to kill every beast on Earth"- kill every witch on the world . 
"Mother Earth objected and sent a giant scorpion to kill Orion" Kyouko appears , Kyouko's spear could refer to the scorpions spear(tail).
"The creature succeeded, and after his death, the goddesses asked Zeus to place Orion among the constellations. Zeus consented and, as a memorial to the hero's death, added the Scorpion to the heavens as well"- and now they're both in the skies .

However, the sad thing being that those two constellations will never be on the sky at the same time. Guess that's the bittersweet ending for the pair. Die together, yet separated forever.

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