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Secred 7 synopsis (taken from RC)

Sunrise is back in the swing of things with their original series, and this latest one finds Tandouji Aruma (Terashima Takuma) in a Kantou port city, where he meets a mysterious transfer student named Aiba Ruri (Nakajima Megumi) asking for his help. Arumi is known as a “Yoshi”, one who possesses the Sacred Seven power, but he declines because he’s become an outcast after losing control of his power in the past. Before long, rock demons known as “Ashi” appear and wreak havoc, so Ruri entrusts Aruma with a jewel imbued with her will to help him realize his true power to defeat them. It turns out that Ruri is the wealthy daughter of the Aibi Foundation, and is establishing an anti-Ashi organization because of a past incident. She’s supported by her butler Kagami Makoto (Irino Miyu) and a Maid Unit that he commands.

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