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Part C of Ika Musume ep5. I love it when a medium decides to do a dialogue-less segment. The music and the seiyuu performance is just so great. The tone differs a lot from the usual episode that it's so gentle and heartwarming. The charm is at its max value in this segment. It typifies what makes this series so lovable without using any words.

There's a sense of attachment, and subsequently the sadness that comes with departure. As a viewer and fan of the series you realise how much you has grew attached to Ika Musume. It's like watching your kids grow. 

I'm not too sure if the greatness of this segment comes from the fact that I'd love the character already, but the way they present the time flow really tugs the heart string. It's not the tears for the misfortune of a specific character, but on the more broader level of term, of how time can be so cruel.

Maybe it's the surprise it gave me which provides the maximum impact, but this segment is truly one of the most emotional touching piece I'd seen. The idea may be simple and cute, but the execution is just so perfect.
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