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September 22 2010

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High School of the Dead

Zombies, guns, excess bounces, Hirano's rapeface.

High school of the Dead felt like a video game: You have your mission for the episode, you have your epic pwnage party members, you even have your mascot. This show is my biggest anticipated this season prior to the first episode. Throughout the season my expectation has changed. It's not a new take on the zombie apocalypse genre, but more of a tribute to the genre with an anime twist to it.
I like the 12 EDs. Some of them might be hit and miss, but a number of them are quite nice. The first one still got the most impact due to the flawless transition from the 28days-later-isk theme. 
The art is still excellent.
The director obviously is having a lot of fun putting in a lot of boobshots. Granted it's not necessary, but when he openly admits it it becomes so much fun anticipating what kind of outrageous stunts he will put in.
My biggest concern though, are probably two things that not many people had talked about: the constant 'the world ends today" whining narration, and the remarkable slow pace the show takes. Looking back to the season, surprisingly not much had happened over the 12 episode period. The season felt like an introductory session than a stand-alone. I know the manga is not finished yet and they can't allow for an original ending, but it just felt empty for some reason.

Not a great show, but still a fine watch if you can appreciate the hidden humour instead of bashing on it.

P.S. loving the little touch of adding new photos of the victims on the photo wall during the end credits, just adds to the sense of the impending disaster and serving as the final reminder of the lives of those that were lost.

September 06 2010

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Saucy as ever, with the exact same shot replica
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Guess they didn't remove this scene then~ 
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September 04 2010

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High School of the Dead ep9

Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! Saeko! 

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August 26 2010

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It sucks you in

August 18 2010


High School of the Dead ep7

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It's really hard to get excited about this show simply because I had read the 2nd volume already a couple of years ago, and especially when the anime is doing frame-by-frame exact adaptation. The bounces are good though.
Anyway, this episodes explored the usual survival mentality to the ones that are still alive, we got a new member joining the party, and there's a loli urinating scene. Not to mention Busujima senpai in full action in that signature attire. The action scenes are nice, and I like the inclusion of the ED really early into the episode. 
Like I'd said earlier, fanservice shots are not a bad thing if it's not being really focused in the story. Heh, this series is full of fanservices if you go back to the basic definition instead of the implied definition. There are scenes for the gun fanatics, zombie fans, action lovers, and also people that don't mind a few nudity now and then.
I wonder what my expectation and excitement will be if I didn't read those chapters in advance. Then again, I probably wouldn't be anticipating this series as much as I am now had it been the case.

P.S. I wish there's more to the 5 stars rating on soup, a lot of times it's really hard to distinguish between 7.7 and 9.2 out of 10 on this rating system.

August 16 2010

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I watch Highschool of the Dead for the plot! I swear!
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Loli reverse raep~~
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August 14 2010

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HotD Doraemon style~ <3
Tags: HotD fanart

July 31 2010


Status update

I think I'll give up on doing episodic review of both Mitsudomoe and SYD. Not that they are both dropped, but as skit comedy series it's kind of repetitive saying the same things during review without spoiling.
On the bright side, DYD (The legend of legendary heroes) is starting to continue the decent story promised during the first arc. 
Spoiled myself by reading the 6 volumes of released HotD manga already so there will be less surprises when discussing the show.
As much as I love Yuki-Onna, I don't think I'll have the time to watch more episodes of Nurarihyon No Mago.
Shiki.....Give or take at the moment I suppose. Currently on hold.
Amagami is looking to be a fun series. I'm now looking forward to see which kind of stupid perverted plays the new couple dishes up. Fun stuff.

July 19 2010

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High School of the Dead ep3

The escape from the zombie-infested school is a tricky one. There will be survivors, and ones that you might have to abandon. Even in the time when banding up is essential for survival, there will be conflicts.
I wouldn't say the portrayal of the dark side of humanity is up to the mark as it's kind of stereotypical in the presentation. It's nice to see that there are assholes that you want to bash the heads off other than the bitten ones.
Overall this episode felt like a link between events. Some stuff happens but they are not that memorable as in there's no spectacular event other than the hit-and-run. On the positive side, the relationship between the two main characters grows. 

July 13 2010

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Funniest moment from HotD ep2.
Seriously, either the corpse has been harden too much or those trophies are made of clay. Cheap trophies, bad.
Tags: HotD ScreenCap
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High School of the Dead ep2

After the high octane great finish to the last episode, this one continues the zombie fest. The initial shock is over, it's now time to sum up the situation and take the next course of action. We have more of the katana-wielding senpai and a military nerd joining the party, providing more fire power.
The 2nd episode keeps up the great production quality in the first episode, which is great to see. There's a change in the ED, which is kind of good because the first ED does not follow up well with the last scene of this episode.
Only problems: there's one gory scene that somehow got censored by the black mist. Also, I know how I commented on the last few minutes leading up to the ED is awesome in ep1, but the flashback scene this time just doesn't feel right. The 28days later-like BGM was great at leading up the tension, which doesn't suit well in a flashback.
Overall, it's still on par with the first episode, with some more niche fanservice as well. See for yourself.

July 06 2010

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It's been a while, or actually probably never, since the anime medium tackles the subject of a zombie apocalypse. Produced by Madhouse, I'll have to say I'm really impressed by the overall quality. 
It's like L4D, except less fun. Actually, more like Dead Rising considering the slow pace for those undead. I treat it like another zombie movie; lots of gore, lots of blood, humanity at its darkest, and with additional lots of anime fanservicing. There's probably more footages of bouncing boobs than scenes of people getting devoured. I wouldn't expect much deviance from the standard zombie movie storyboard, but who wouldn't like 12 episodes of pure grindhouse action?

A special mention for the studio team for adding in a score similar to the "In a Heartbeat" track from 28 days later. The seamless transition from the final scenes into the ED is just so perfect, I kept looping that segment over and over again. 

A must watch for this season.
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