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September 28 2010

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A great chaotic fun from start to finish over the course of 13 episodes. 
The most bizarre triplet and their interaction with their fellow classmates never cease to amuse me. The animation standards are quite nice from start to finish, although it doesn't seem to be on the highly detailed side, the simplistic approach has a certain appeal portraying the innocence of the characters. 
All the characters feel like grade schoolers. Not cute for the sake of being moe, but sharing characteristics that we can identify amongst ourselves when we were young is one of the aspects of the show that appeals to me. Not prettied up for the sake of buying more audience, but showing something that we are familiar with.
The use of BGM has been great throughout. They really add an additional comedy factor into the jokes. 
Speaking of the jokes, the show plays a lot on the miscommunication and shift in character dominance. The tone can goes from cynical to heartwarming to ridiculous to absolutely hilarious within 5 minutes, and it all flow so well.

I really love this show and the joy it has brought me in the past 13 weeks. Initially I was a bit hesitant since the adaptation is handled by a relatively unknown studio, but they did their job really well.
Pity that the 2nd season will only be 8 eps.

8.75/10 for me

September 04 2010


August 14 2010

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The episode 7 of Mitsudomoe is complete chaotic fun from start to finish. I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole 20mins

August 07 2010

still can't believe mitsudomoe can have a boring
but then it redeemed itself with 2 brilliant skits in the 2nd half of the episode.
The interaction between the characters are still superb

July 31 2010


Status update

I think I'll give up on doing episodic review of both Mitsudomoe and SYD. Not that they are both dropped, but as skit comedy series it's kind of repetitive saying the same things during review without spoiling.
On the bright side, DYD (The legend of legendary heroes) is starting to continue the decent story promised during the first arc. 
Spoiled myself by reading the 6 volumes of released HotD manga already so there will be less surprises when discussing the show.
As much as I love Yuki-Onna, I don't think I'll have the time to watch more episodes of Nurarihyon No Mago.
Shiki.....Give or take at the moment I suppose. Currently on hold.
Amagami is looking to be a fun series. I'm now looking forward to see which kind of stupid perverted plays the new couple dishes up. Fun stuff.

July 24 2010

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Mitsudomoe ep4

Oppai, violence, and Pantsu.

Not the best episode, but still worth watching.
It's a show when other people think they are perverts but in reality they aren't.

July 19 2010

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Mitsudomoe ep3

The episode of communication breakdown, my favourite type of sitcom. 
The exploration into pantsu, occult, and pantsu again brings a weird sense of humour to what's already an eccentric show. The series of weird imaginations just raised the level of hilarity to the show. The music helps a lot, especially the epic ones that just provide a perfect juxtaposition to what's going on screen.
More characters are introduced, especially male ones. They provide great supporting role to the skits and are nice additions to the show. 
Then again, I start to notice the deficit that comes with a low budget studio. The background characters don't move at all, and some of the shadings are either flat or forgotten...However that does not take away the weird comedy that the show excels at. 
P.S. Loving the art style surrounding one of the most misunderstood character.

July 12 2010

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Mitsudomoe ep2

After the chaotic(in the good way) fun in episode 1, this one is some what a lot more tame. We still get the tri-section format.
1 word to summarise each of the 3 skits: dirty, scary, moe.
See for yourself
Totally loving the enhancing effect the BGM has, adding the extra cinematic atmosphere to the established jokes. Not much perverted jokes this time, but the characters are still insane as last time.
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