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September 28 2010

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Seitokai Yakuindomo

A relatively dark horse of this season, SYD is about delivering perverted punchlines under the most inappropriate yet hilarious circumstances. 
It's like hanging out with a group of equally perverted friends and everyone knows the punchline to a situation at the same time. The feeling of "I see where this one is going  XD" before they pull out the punchline is great. 
It's like Lucky Star with perverted jokes instead of otaku in-jokes. Yes you may say it's a one trick pony, but the fact that the mangaka and the studio executed the jokes so well it's so fun to watch. The jokes rarely gets repeated if it does get repeated at all. The continuation between the skits is quite decent to allow for a general flow of the story. The use of stamps as a segment between the 4koma strip got better as the show goes on.
The characters are not what you would call typical moe girls. They are loud mouth, perverted and annoying, but somehow feel like you can be friends with them quite well. There are hints of flags here and there, but those are not the main focus of the story anyway. To be honest, I would be quite offended to see a doujin of SYD than any other series (with possible except of Mitsudomoe simply because they are too young....). 
Also, the ED is godly   :P

Anyway, SYD is a great show to watch if yourself is familiar with making perverted remarks on trivial things. The familiarity is quite heartwarming and fun at the same time. Sometimes you wonder how did they manage to pull out another sex jokes from seemly harmless circumstances, and that's the beauty of this show.

7/10 for me just because I had a lot of great laugh from this series.

August 18 2010

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for some reason, her characteristics is really refreshing
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Nothing suspicious at all, nothing
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That caught me from the blindside......gah the jokes here are so unexpected  :D
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July 31 2010


Status update

I think I'll give up on doing episodic review of both Mitsudomoe and SYD. Not that they are both dropped, but as skit comedy series it's kind of repetitive saying the same things during review without spoiling.
On the bright side, DYD (The legend of legendary heroes) is starting to continue the decent story promised during the first arc. 
Spoiled myself by reading the 6 volumes of released HotD manga already so there will be less surprises when discussing the show.
As much as I love Yuki-Onna, I don't think I'll have the time to watch more episodes of Nurarihyon No Mago.
Shiki.....Give or take at the moment I suppose. Currently on hold.
Amagami is looking to be a fun series. I'm now looking forward to see which kind of stupid perverted plays the new couple dishes up. Fun stuff.

July 19 2010

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Seitokai Yakuindomo ep3

The trip to Kyoto!!!!!
This episode separates the cast into two groups, the ones that ventured into the traditional location and ones that don't. Kaijo is as perverted as always, the sidekick as usual provides the extra layer to the absurdity, and they are joined by the perverted cameraman who's on the hunt. On the other side our main guy is building some relationship points with the shorty. Somehow the two storylines parallel each other at the end, you'll just have to see yourself to find out how.

For once the bath place is not as steamy as in other shows,which is a surprise~
I think the studio is slowly getting the hang of doing episodic jokes now, which is a good sign. The punchlines are delivered much better in the last 2 shows. The animation is also smooth.

July 12 2010

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Seitokai Yakuindomo ep2

A show where the females are having fun in their perverted mind.
The adaption from the 4koma has improved from the disorganised episode1, as they just stop failing at trying to have a smooth transition. I sometimes like shows that just be blunt and highlighting the segments. AUB was a good one with the chapter titles, SYD is slowly getting there. At least you know when the punchline will be, instead of missing it completely.
The jokes are as crude as last time. If you know what they are referring to you will have a fun time looking at the jokes from the females' perspective. Luckily the mangaka is female....
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