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September 28 2010

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Seitokai Yakuindomo

A relatively dark horse of this season, SYD is about delivering perverted punchlines under the most inappropriate yet hilarious circumstances. 
It's like hanging out with a group of equally perverted friends and everyone knows the punchline to a situation at the same time. The feeling of "I see where this one is going  XD" before they pull out the punchline is great. 
It's like Lucky Star with perverted jokes instead of otaku in-jokes. Yes you may say it's a one trick pony, but the fact that the mangaka and the studio executed the jokes so well it's so fun to watch. The jokes rarely gets repeated if it does get repeated at all. The continuation between the skits is quite decent to allow for a general flow of the story. The use of stamps as a segment between the 4koma strip got better as the show goes on.
The characters are not what you would call typical moe girls. They are loud mouth, perverted and annoying, but somehow feel like you can be friends with them quite well. There are hints of flags here and there, but those are not the main focus of the story anyway. To be honest, I would be quite offended to see a doujin of SYD than any other series (with possible except of Mitsudomoe simply because they are too young....). 
Also, the ED is godly   :P

Anyway, SYD is a great show to watch if yourself is familiar with making perverted remarks on trivial things. The familiarity is quite heartwarming and fun at the same time. Sometimes you wonder how did they manage to pull out another sex jokes from seemly harmless circumstances, and that's the beauty of this show.

7/10 for me just because I had a lot of great laugh from this series.
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A great chaotic fun from start to finish over the course of 13 episodes. 
The most bizarre triplet and their interaction with their fellow classmates never cease to amuse me. The animation standards are quite nice from start to finish, although it doesn't seem to be on the highly detailed side, the simplistic approach has a certain appeal portraying the innocence of the characters. 
All the characters feel like grade schoolers. Not cute for the sake of being moe, but sharing characteristics that we can identify amongst ourselves when we were young is one of the aspects of the show that appeals to me. Not prettied up for the sake of buying more audience, but showing something that we are familiar with.
The use of BGM has been great throughout. They really add an additional comedy factor into the jokes. 
Speaking of the jokes, the show plays a lot on the miscommunication and shift in character dominance. The tone can goes from cynical to heartwarming to ridiculous to absolutely hilarious within 5 minutes, and it all flow so well.

I really love this show and the joy it has brought me in the past 13 weeks. Initially I was a bit hesitant since the adaptation is handled by a relatively unknown studio, but they did their job really well.
Pity that the 2nd season will only be 8 eps.

8.75/10 for me

September 22 2010

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High School of the Dead

Zombies, guns, excess bounces, Hirano's rapeface.

High school of the Dead felt like a video game: You have your mission for the episode, you have your epic pwnage party members, you even have your mascot. This show is my biggest anticipated this season prior to the first episode. Throughout the season my expectation has changed. It's not a new take on the zombie apocalypse genre, but more of a tribute to the genre with an anime twist to it.
I like the 12 EDs. Some of them might be hit and miss, but a number of them are quite nice. The first one still got the most impact due to the flawless transition from the 28days-later-isk theme. 
The art is still excellent.
The director obviously is having a lot of fun putting in a lot of boobshots. Granted it's not necessary, but when he openly admits it it becomes so much fun anticipating what kind of outrageous stunts he will put in.
My biggest concern though, are probably two things that not many people had talked about: the constant 'the world ends today" whining narration, and the remarkable slow pace the show takes. Looking back to the season, surprisingly not much had happened over the 12 episode period. The season felt like an introductory session than a stand-alone. I know the manga is not finished yet and they can't allow for an original ending, but it just felt empty for some reason.

Not a great show, but still a fine watch if you can appreciate the hidden humour instead of bashing on it.

P.S. loving the little touch of adding new photos of the victims on the photo wall during the end credits, just adds to the sense of the impending disaster and serving as the final reminder of the lives of those that were lost.

July 25 2010

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A simple tale about friendship and love between two high (middle?) school teenage girls.
The graphics are hit and miss initially, but it either gets better or just grows on me as the show goes on. The music are nice, composed by ryo. While the voice acting is of great standard.
There are a lot of cuts between the high school scene and the BRS battle scenes, and you will get to know the relation between the two worlds near the end of the episode. The correlations between them aren't that strong, but it provides a great balance between yuri scenes and battles.
The yuri is strong in this one. While the fans of the original BRS will be somewhat disappointed by the water-down battles, this one is for the non-fans, a promotional video to those who weren't familiar with the IP earlier. For that this video has done a great job.
Was the wait worth it? Yes
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