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November 10 2010

I seriously don't know why some people don't like the omnibus format in YnS. If the majority of the story revolves around the relationship with the female character, then it's no surprise that multiple concurrent arcs will clash with each other. When one story clash with another one, you can't have it all happening at the same time. 
And you don't waste valuable time doing anime original scenes where girls bitch at each other instead of focusing on the pre-existed story. You just don't. Especially when there isn't much time anyway.
Granted that the studio could've focusing on the sora arc for the whole 12 eps, but they made it clear that they want to cover the 4 girls' backstory in this series.
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October 20 2010

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According to 2ch, the best possible outcome after that godsmackingly ridiculous setup in ep3:
ep1: General introductory storyline
ep2: common storyline for Akira and Kazuha
ep3,4: Kazuha route, followed by a reset。
ep5,6: continue from ep2, Akira route followed by a reset
ep7: shared storyline for Sora and Nao arc
ep8,9: Nao route, followed by another reset
ep10, 11, 12: Sora arc

BD vol1:ep1~4 (Kazuha's arc)
vol2:ep1, 2, 5, 6 (Akira's arc)
vol3:1, 7, 8, 9 (Nao's arc)
vol4:ep1, 7, 10, 11, 12 (Sora!!!!) 
It's still a theory, waiting to be confirmed after ep4, but this is the best possible outcome if you don't want Haru to be another Makoto.
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October 06 2010

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Yosuga no Sora ep1

I just realised that I'm a total sucker for simple yet elegant piano score. 
Yosuga no Sora felt like a Visual Novel, even better, one that I felt like will leave everlasting sentimental memories long after you finish the game. The music is awesome, the OP is nice, the "ED" at the 20min mark is excellent. Even though a shitty studio is in charge of this adaption, which results in major deficiency in the visual department, I regained that sense of feeling when I was playing Irisu Syndrome; that is, a slight tinge of sadness, just like snowflakes falling.

I want to say good things about this, however, sadly the episode is not to be. I'm willing to overlook the fact that all female characters blush too easily, the pacing is slightly off, and the colour is washed out, had it not be the bad conclusion to the 25min video. 
The "ED" is excellent, I stress again. It's one of those that you associate with at the end of an emotional arc in a VN. Follow on from that unexpected turn of event at the end of the episode, it provides a nice final touch. It almost gave me goosebumps all over the body like the ones I had in the HotD ep1 and QB ep1. Again, great ED in the ep1 is always the best way to convince me to follow the series even when the performance during the episode is slightly unsatisfactory.
Which is why I was so utterly disappointed when the true ED is revealed at the end. Not only does it totally takes out the mood, it just shows indications that the studio is willing to treat this one as ecchi/fanservice/(harem?) instead of a serious VN-isk love story. I was willing to think the chibi sequence is just another way to supplement the character developments, just like the TIPS in the higurashi visual novels.

There are some unexpected nudity, but nudity does not equal fanservice necessarily, especially with the gentle tone the show has been going for. However, with the terrible ED I am beginning to think otherwise....

Without the horrible ED, it's easily 4/5.
Now it's just 2.5/5

Funny how a bad insert of song kills the mood and impression so easily.
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